Saturday, November 26, 2005

Is expressing shock enough?

The shocking incident of the murder of Manju ( IIML) has brought me to the blog. There is a petition out urging the Prime Minister to order an investigation into the case and bring the perpetrators of the crime to book. Had a thought provoking conversation about the same with a friend. To his credit, JC is an optimistic. The murders will answer for this he says..

But will it really make a difference. The point of the post is not about Manju and how his promising life has been snuffed out, but rather does the protest and the petition ever get us anywhere. Is signing a form the farthest we would go and does it help?

There is a mail doing the rounds. Its a plea from the father of the soldier who was caught and tortured to death by Pakisthani army/terrorist. More than four year after the war, this mail is an insult to the memory of the brave soldier, wandering through the net seeking, nay begging, the people to punish the guilty. Four years and still no justice..

Call me a pessimist.. Call me a non believer.. But still the fact remains that we are too insignificant in this big machinery to be ever noticed or to be bothered about. The soldier, the conscientous sales manager..

This pessimist bows her head before the ones who laid their lives down for what they believed.. Hangs down her head because she wont do anything more than sign up for the petition..


Blogger Jaycee said...

a large public support and heavy scruitiny by the media always seeks a response from authorities. There have been cases when NDTV and AAJ tak have made officials track on stories that were sold off.

we need to be in the system to clean the system. And before u quit TRY.


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