Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back again!

Back at college after a long break and really enjoying it. But the break was sure welcome.

Read some good books during the break and looking forward to some more in the coming term. Feeling akin to Wordsworth when he wrote about being amongst the Daffodils.. I allude ofcourse to the books that are lined up.

Coming first is Faust, my first foray into poetry. I must admit here, that it was a pressing shortage of time that landed me Goethe's epic. Ignorant as to the true nature of the work and compelled by a growling stomach, the book was picked up without so much as a cursory glance into the contents. Was a little disappointed later on. But nothing can keep me down when it comes to a book, prose or worse. So I tread on, into new territory, with an open mind and eager heart.

I hope that at the end of it I can exclaim, as O' Henry very succintly put it, "but as the thing turned out in my case, Iam mighty glad of it."


Blogger Jaycee said...

my mom has`nt done much in academics...but with the little she did she always had the poem on daffodils to share when i used to show her my book on English...
wordsworth was such a simple poet who picturised things so beautifully..

let u have a nice plunge into the new area

11:34 PM  

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