Friday, May 18, 2007

The Hottest Job in the World

Being interested in HR and allied topics, having dealt with job descriptions and specifications, job rotation, job design, challenge, satisfaction, potential and all the rest, (not to forget, ESOP), often sets me thinking what would be like the hottest job in the World.

Being rather methodical, what would be the definition of "hottest"??

Challenging?? (diverse challenges at that..)
Making use of your potential? (trying, to say the least)
Discovering hidden strengths?
Multi tasking? (did not know that one could do math, cook a snack, do some serious counselling and smile at the same time)
Growth along with the organisation?
Responsibilities?? (oh yes.. the universal phrase here is "ask mom")
New projects?? (he, aged 10, wants to adopt a kitten, while she, aged 12, wants to try out a new hair cut)
Love working with people?? (where else do your sub ordinates think you a super hero?)

and oh of course, ahem... Attractive compensation?

However, this is a full time job, folks.

You can't fall sick.
You don't get casual, annual, sick, holiday and plain old "don't feel like coming to office today" leave.
You can't call in late.
And, of course you are the boss.

Yes, talking about a full time mother alright. And yes, this one is dedicated to my mother.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why have you stopped blogging..was interesting to read your thoughts!!

5:39 PM  

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