Saturday, March 04, 2006

If you are not ashamed of GOD...

Everytime I open my inbox and see one of these mails, a shudder runs down my back.. The threat is so omnious. If you dont forward the mail something bad is going to happen to you. But the worst kind are those that say "forward if you are not ashamed of God". God, forward, shame..???? I dont get the connection, so usually delete those messages.
Today, the mail said that the attached picture was gorgeous. Had to see it and so saw it too. The pictures were that of a stamp, about to be released in the US and another picture which showed Jesus shedding tears over the earth.
The stamp smacked of US chauvinism. Probably drawn right from one of those visions and conversations that George Bush has with his Lord. The Lord's blessing hands, the US flag and the eagle all in one stamp.. What's next the Trinity to become a quartret?? Beautiful the picture was.. but so subtle in the religious connotation it gave to the Twin Tower attacks.
The root cause of the attack was never religion - it stemmed from the bitterness and hatred that people felt when they had been used and betrayed. Their military training ( ironic, at the hands of the US ) came in handy and they retaliated. Poverty and hatred make a combustable mix with religion and so it detonated giving the US the very chance they were waiting - to pick up a fight with Iraq.
Christ crying over the Towers, "Yes my son George, go ahead and blast the Iraqies off the face of the earth".
About 3000 people are reported to have died in the Twin Tower attacks.. the latest conservative estimates suggests 32,270 civilians dead in Iraq..
I wonder what the Lord was crying over? The Towers, Iran and Iraq or a humanity that has completely forgotten about him and kill and plunder in His name...