Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Miracles - Part I

Do I believe in magic????
Do I believe in miracles???
Don’t we all pray and wait for such..??

It started in 10th standard. Probability and permutation and combination. The chance that something may or may not happen.
Then reinforcement in the form of statistics. There are 6.2 billion people.
1 in many billion (And they say 3 is a crowd). I mean, it all worked out.
Miracles are just random acts happening to random people.

It’s completely arbitrary. Considering our past and our present we have n ways every next second can move. And considering 6.2 billion people, n multiplied by 6.2 billion ways it can happen. So what happens next is pure chance. (A little contradictory I understand, given that my “n” ways are affected by the past and the present. Trying to refine that now by answering a fundamental question of Is it??).
We reiterate that certain things are miracles by drawing upon the past and the present of the person in question and our own experience. But we consider, maybe about another 1000 lives – people we know, people we have heard or read about. We conclude on the basis of another arbitrary 1000 or at the max 2000 that something was a miracle. We forget that there are 6 billion people out there and that what happened could have happened to anyone of them….

Monday, December 18, 2006

One Year

Proud parent of a one year old blog. :)


Friday, December 08, 2006