Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Is there A God?

Hope and faith – not to forget love and compassion are the strong hold of all religion. An omnipotent Being who will enfold the wayward ones in His/ Her arms, all sins forgiven and no questions asked.

But is there is in reality such a thing as faith, as hope – a truth that goes beyond human existence? Are not humans simply aspiring for more through their quest for such things? Are we really all that unique from all the other animals on the planet to believe that we are chosen ones to lead a better life?

Consider probability. Different permutations and combinations of the millions of opportunity that exist, it is only natural that we are here the way we are. And miracles??? Out of the million ways it could have happened, the dice just fell that way.

This also seems to explain why there is so much death and misery in the world. Prayers for instance. If I do not go hungry today is that because I pray better? What about the one that has been starving for the past 3 days? Did he not pray hard enough? Probability gives you a better answer than all the texts in the world. It could have been you but the dice just fell some other way.

Foot note: I wrote this blog way back in 2006, but never got to sharing it. Just some thoughts I had.


Blogger love at first sight said...

Hi Cdey! "Does God Exist?" simply thought provoking. An old proverb says 'God is Faith' and it really means. Its only faith that is keeping all of us in existence..!
What a better way to explain faith and belief than this story- where a person believing someone, digs his land for gold. But as he digs deeper he finds just soil and nothing els.Finally he loses faith and hope and tells this to another person. The other man takes the task and continues from where he left and to his shock finds gold only a little deeper.
good..keep it up..

2:51 PM  

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