Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome 2009!

New year resolution - to read more books and watch more moies than last year! (other than doing daily exercise and staying away from Subway sandwiches)

Actually on account of more spare time, had read a few books towards the end of last year - a few Agatha Christies, the White Tiger, Crab Walk, Sons and Lovers and Chomsky For Beginners. Lovely books all of them - though still figuring out Chomsky.

Picked up one of Chomsky's original books - and found out that I could not make head or tail of it. So properly chastened, I picked up Chomsky For Beginners. Felt rather like picking up the Idiots guide to Chomksy - but it was worth the effort. The book by David Cogswell, illustrated by Paul Gordon was a treat. Elemental Chomsky - insightful and simple. Yet difficult to integrate into our thoughts. Guess his ideas are a way of thinking - scientific enquiry like - not accepting all that is told and asking questions. One important insight, though a little personal, was that my world viewing lens (news channels, newspapers, Internet sites etc) was rather limited and narrow. Yet another New Year resolution - to visit more websites and possibly read a few more magzines.

As for movies - Dark Knight, Madagascar II, 300, Catch me if you can and a few other very forgetable ones like Jaane tu Jaane Nah. Hmm.. The list itself is depressing (need to strenghten the resolution to watch more movies). Actually only Dark Knight and Madagascar II are 2008 releases - so really need to strenghten that movie watching resolution.

Not particularly looking forward to any particular book this year - will enjoy a change maybe with some more books of non-fiction. As for movies - the idea is to see as many comedies as possible.


Blogger Spyder said...

Lol.. the subway sandwiches was a good one. Never knew u were a fan (or are u?) I am crazy about them :)

1:49 PM  
Blogger CDey said...

yup... to be sure. i am addicted to two things in life.

subway sandwiches and agatha christie.

and also sudoku puzzles.

guess the list goes on.. so never mind.

12:33 PM  

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