Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another year.. Another surprise

The last blog was posted on 18th May, 2007.
Another year drawing to a close, in 2 months. Its interesting how time flies.
So many changes. So many things to be written about.
For one - the miracles part 2. However, I have not yet read about Richard Dawkins (he supposedly read my blog and came up with some theory) nor his work. So still in the offing.
Picked up reading Agatha Christie - its an addiction now. Like Wodehouse talked about golf becoming an addiction if you pick it up late in life.. I have now become addicted to Poirot.. Strange, used to be a time when people who read detective fiction were looked down upon.. he he.. by me. Humbled and broken.
Infact, think I will go and grab another Poirot.


Blogger Santhosh said...

Good to see you are still blogging though. I have seen a lot of my batch mates who were fantastic blogger at BIM, losing steam as they started working.

10:20 AM  

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